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Taiwan Textbook Changes

Reuters reports that new high school textbooks further weaken the idea that Taiwan belongs to China:
‘There were some phrases that have been found objectionable and we wanted to make them more neutral,’ said Lan Shun-teh, director-general of the National Institute of Compilation and Translation, which publishes texts for the government.
Other changes included substituting ‘China’ for [...]

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Chen, Ma, the Taiwan Identity, and 2008

Last week Feiren observed that Chen Shui-bian was once called a moderate and a pragmatist and now is often dismissed as a radical…
One interpretation of course is that Su is simply throwing symbolic red meat to deep green supporters and that he will morph into a pragmatist if he becomes president. Very similar things were [...]

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Daily Links…Jan 28…er….29th, 2007.

I am overseas at the moment. Hopefully I can explain why later this week — it is quite an interesting tale of Taiwan….
At Taiwan Matters! madddog discusses the abusive behavior of Chinese, whose intolerance for Taiwan’s freedom and independence is mind-boggling. This time the victim was Minister of Education Tu, making a speech in London. [...]

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Taiwan blogger Portnoy with new English Blog

Want a glimpse of the enormous Taiwanese blogosphere? Taiwan blogger Portnoy, a local grad student, has an English language blog, Portnoy in Between, that provides translations and commentary on events you may not have heard of, with the appropriate links. A sample:
At the same time, oikos is worrying about the importance of those unreported news [...]

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Taipei and Keelung Pics

Went up to Taipei and Keelung this week Walked all over. Brought back some pics. Enjoy.

Taipei is quiet in the early morning.

The Lotus Building. One of my favorite buildings in the city. Although you can’t tell from the pic, those pillars are covered with tile. Built in the heyday of Urinthian architecture.

Policemen control traffic on [...]

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Hit Taipei this week…..was massively busy. Had dinner with Prince Roy and finally met the amazing Poagao, whose blog and photo talents I’ve envied for quite some time. Despite both of us being here for years, we’ve never actually met. Stayed with a friend in Keelung and “partied” there in a music bar on Wednesday [...]

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Mad Chen Is In The House!

ULCA journalism professor Tom Plate’s newest piece on Chen Shui-ban shows, once again, how westerners writing on Taiwan simply do not get it with an appallingly slanted, fact-free discussion of Chen Shui-bian and Taiwan. Plate’s article is an excellent illustration of how Beijing’s propaganda lines have become the basis of Establishment media discourse on Taiwan. [...]

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Versailles, East Asia Style

It’s fascinating to sit here in Taiwan under Chinese missiles, with China suppressing Taiwan in every possible way, and listen to China talk about the “humiliation” of the 19th century. That was when other powers imposed treaties on China of the type that China had formerly imposed on nations it dominated. Today China treats Taiwan [...]

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Student Dorm in Kyoto causes Taipei-Tokyo-Beijing Friction

The dispute between the real PRC and the virtual ROC on Taiwan continues, like some relic dinosaur living into the Age of Birds, to stir up trouble. In this case, it’s time to make the diplomats in Tokyo reach for the Excedrin:

The dispute involves the ownership of the student dormitory, named Kokaryo, which Kyoto University [...]

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Adoption, China, and US Racism

A friend of mine passed me a link to the blog Two in Taiwan, the blog of a couple living in Taiwan because they are adopting a child here. In adoption circles recently there has been a huge controversy over a Paula Zahn show on CNN in which the commentators unleashed a flow of stereotypes [...]

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Daily Links, Jan 22, 2007

Off to grade and study. Enjoy other people’s stuff.

Scott Sommers with an awesome post on testing in Taiwan.

Poagao goes to Dunkin’ Donuts. With Pics. Yeah, I noticed the Mr. Donut offerings weren’t as sweet either

Pinyin News on the anniversary of the death of Qian Xuantong, the language reformer who argued for abolition of ideographic characters. [...]

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Taiwan Makes Progress in Human Trafficking

In my time here I have met several families who employ “illegal” Filipino maids — usually runaways from factory slavery or sexual slavery. One maid I met told a horrific tale, so matter of factly that it was entirely believable, of being locked in a room and forced to service numerous customers each day. “But [...]

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Tom Plate on Chen Visit to the US

Tom Plate, the syndicated columnist who writes on Asia, was present when President Chen swung by LA on his way through the US. He wrote a great column on the visit…..
Word of the unfolding melodrama reaches a secret international VIP waiting-room at a conference area at LAX, where a crowd of pro-Taiwan well-wishers was gathered. [...]

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Daily Links, January 21, 2007

Grades almost done….almost done….

Are Taiwan stars actually involved in prostitution? Next magazine says yes…

A traveler from the Philippines visits Taichung, Cultural City. Luckily for our rep, Chaon, Red A, and AJ were out of town that day…..

David visits Jinguashi. Nice pics.

Dunkin Donuts is here, says Jon. Taiwan Pundit remarks too. Krispy Kreme next?

Marc finds a [...]

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Academic Expert: Taiwan should build its own subs

As the controversial arms purchase drags into its third year of debate, many experts have been saying quietly that Taiwan should simply go ahead and build its own conventional submarines. This week defense expert Bernard Cole weighed in on the issues.
Bernard Cole, a professor at the National War College in Washing-ton, made his comments [...]

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