I am overseas at the moment. Hopefully I can explain why later this week — it is quite an interesting tale of Taiwan….

  • At Taiwan Matters! madddog discusses the abusive behavior of Chinese, whose intolerance for Taiwan’s freedom and independence is mind-boggling. This time the victim was Minister of Education Tu, making a speech in London. Tu gave’em hell; good for him (Taipei Times report). Blogger Fili also mused on this event, and remarked on similarities with the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
  • Doubting to Shuo wonders: does being able to write Chinese really matter?
  • David on Formosa describes recent work to expand the Taipei MRT. Meanwhile in Taichung we’re still asking: “what’s an MRT?”
  • Prince Roy steps into the simplified vs. traditional debate.
  • Patrick is now Mr. Foreigner.
  • Hanjie reports a vandalism incident to the police. Note the reciept, issued because for so many years the police “ate” cases rather than acting on them.
  • SPECIAL: Taipei Times has article on local blogs and websites by features writer Ron Brownlow.