The Institute of Modern History at the Academia Sinica announces its latest issue (I’ve deleted the book reviews). The Institute’s English pages are online, with back issues starting in Sept of ‘06.


I am pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of Bulletin of Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica_. Please find the TOC below. For the back issues, please consult our website at


Ling-ling Lien
Assistant Research Fellow
Institute of Modern History
Academia Sinica,
Taipei, Taiwan


Paul R. Katz
“It is Difficult to be Indifferent to One’s Roots”: Taizhou Sojourners and Flood Relief during the 1920s

Huang Tzu-Chin
Disputes over Taiwan’s Sovereignty and the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty Since World War II

[Research and Discussion]

Paul R. Katz

Chang Lung-chih
Rethinking State and Society in Modern Taiwanese Historiography

Chen Shih-jung
The Interactions between State and Local Society: Paradigms of Modern Social Elites and Future Research Directions

Vincent Goossaert
State and Religion in Modern China: Religious Policies and Scholarly Paradigms