Japan Focus has a couple interesting articles this week. I’ve snipped their descriptions as the titles are a good guide. One thing for the strategists out there — China’s rise is also making India more prominent in the minds of those looking for a counterweight, as one article shows.


New online content at Japan Focus

From: mark selden


The following new articles were posted at Japan Focus on January 15, 2007:

Scott North & Charles Weathers, The End of Overtime Pay: More Production or Just More Work for Japan’s White Collar Workers?

Vivek Pinto, A Strategic Partnership Between Japan and India?

M K Bhadrakumar, China’s Tortuous Middle East Journey: Israel, Iran, and Saudia Arabia

Jack Weatherford, Restoring Order: Conquering Iraq in the 13th and 21st Centuries. Could Genghis Khan teach the US?

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