Went up to Taipei and Keelung this week Walked all over. Brought back some pics. Enjoy.

Taipei is quiet in the early morning.

The Lotus Building. One of my favorite buildings in the city. Although you can’t tell from the pic, those pillars are covered with tile. Built in the heyday of Urinthian architecture.

Policemen control traffic on a busy morning.

When I get my Nikon D80, I’m going to do a coffee table book about Taipei’s alleys.

Pedal to the metal.

Wen Chang Furniture Street.

Marketing dried persimmons

Tuning the piano at the Howard Plaza Hotel

Getting a ticket

Artland Book Shop, on Ren Ai Rd next to the high-walled white building where the plainclothesmen standing out front will tell you that the Vice President doesn’t reside.

The Palace, one of the island’s swankest addresses.

What were they protesting?

Apparently, the NCC.

A wall…..

…where landscape scenes and sayings alternate.

Taking scooters that parked in the handicapped scooter spot.

Fat birds.

This part of Taipei, the older section south of the train station, has numerous streets devoted to single retailing industries. Here you will find both the camera area and the section that sells suits.

Camera street, across from the main post office.

The old north gate.

When I came to Taipei, this was a decrepit area full of old buildings…

I photo’d them….

..and they got me.

I can never get over the sheer volume of traffic in Taipei.

The glizty shopping area southwest of the train station.

You know a place is rich when it has a whole store devoted solely to candied apples.

What was he shooting?

I had started in the Hsinyi district and walked across town to the train station, then as dusk approached I walked back across Taipei to meet Prince Roy and Poagao.

Best Love Hotel: you should always strive to be the best at whatever you are…

Shops along Chunghsiao E. Rd.

Rush hour traffic…

A popular Taipei eatery.

Alas, Taste of Harbin was closed, so we ate at the Thai-Myanmar place down the road from Capones.

Then we walked over to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial. The memorial is currently hosting an exhibition of religious art.

From there I went out to the port of Keelung.

Here’s a shot up the road to the tunnels leading to the highway out of Keelung.

Ships in port

Keelung’s one night market is always hoppin’….

…but this nightlife area didn’t seem to be.

Entering the night market.

Delicious food from the subcontinent. Warning: some adjustment to local taste buds.

It’s a good thing waiting cars don’t block the lane, eh?

Night in the music pub.

Two fixtures of every bar in the world: the frazzled, omnicompetent bartender, and the guy passed out at the bar.

Have a good weekend!