Want a glimpse of the enormous Taiwanese blogosphere? Taiwan blogger Portnoy, a local grad student, has an English language blog, Portnoy in Between, that provides translations and commentary on events you may not have heard of, with the appropriate links. A sample:

At the same time, oikos is worrying about the importance of those unreported news (zh), such as Taiwan’s aborigine students’ preferential service, dioxin found in mutton in Taipei county without knowing the source…..he asks:”These issues are also concerned by many people, and are closely related to people’s life, but why they can never be seen in the news?”

And finally, Tenz points out (zh)how TV news exaggerated the number of people rallying on Avenue Ketagalan with two snapshot from one TV news channel in 7 seconds.

Why didn’t you send me a link, Portnoy!?