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Swenson Meet Up Postponed

Jerome sends word that the Swensons Meet Up has been postponed to the second saturday in March.
Related PostsMeet up on SaturdayI’ll be at the meet up tomorrow at Swenson’s in Taipei. Expect to see you all there!Sat Mar 4 Swenso…May Meet up postponed to the 12thJerome sent around notification that the May meet up is [...]

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2-28 events

The Mountaineer collects events related to 2-28.
This year, the 60th anniversary of the massacre, a group of local artists is set to commemorate 2/28 Peace Memorial Day with the staging of a music concert under the theme, “With justice we cure this nation.” Renowned international rocks bands such as “Plastic People of the Universe,” “Strike [...]

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Satellites and Missile Accuracy

We were just debating the accuracy of China’s missiles the other day, when Defense News reported on how the Chinese are using satellite guidance to improve their capabilities:
Beijing-based China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp. (CPMIEC) has revealed new details of its P12 short-range tactical surface-to-surface missile at IDEX 2007.
Launched vertically from trucks, the [...]

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Taiwan’s Own Holocaust Revisionists

One reason that 2-28 won’t go away is because right-wing elements in the Chinese community that refuse to concede that the KMT government looted the island, tanked the economy, let famine and tropical diseases reappear, and then killed the Taiwanese when they naturally violently objected to this treatment. Yesterday the Taipei Times reported on group [...]

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Don’t Miss the Lunar Eclipse Mar 4

The China Post notes:
People in Taiwan can expect to see a lunar eclipse on the morning of March 4, or Lantern Festival on the Chinese lunar calendar, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday.
Sky watchers in Taiwan can witness a partial lunar eclipse, but will not be able to get a glimpse of the total eclipse [...]

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Venusian Politics

And if he went back, there was a warrant waiting for him from the Federation Member Republic of Venus. That was standard procedure. If you got voted out of office, they indicted you for corrupt practices. There were no other kind in Venusian politics.– H. Beam Piper, When In the Course –
The China Post, the [...]

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High School Students Bomb English, Chinese Exams

The China Post reports on the 150,000 students taking the college entrance exam:
More than 13,000 senior students at senior high schools got a zero score for the English-language composition in the scholastic ability test while over 2,100 of them failed to get any score for Chinese composition.
A total of over 150,000 senior high school [...]

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RAND Corporation report on China’s Econ Pressure on Taiwan

Murray Scott Tanner has a new report out at RAND that discusses China’s attempts to coerce Taiwan economically. Tanner says that Beijing’s economic clout is a tricky weapon to use and cannot always be brought to bear. For example:
Beijing’s frustration was dramatically illustrated in the 2004 Taiwan presidential election. The elections proved that widespread forecasts [...]

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No Blast in the Past: How the US killed Taiwan’s Nuclear Program

Here’s a link I stumbled across today, with discussion and documents, telling the story of how the US snuffed out Taiwan nuclear weapons program in the 1970s.
However much more needs to be learned, these documents provide a telling picture of U.S. nuclear nonproliferation policy at work. In particular, they offer an interesting contrast to the [...]

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Daily Links, Feb 25, 2007

Seen on the streets of Taiwan blogs….

Thoth Harris rips the State Department a new one over its treatment of Taiwan tourists and general pro-China standpoint.

Jason breaks down the legislative elections with posts on TSU candidates and hot babes. Great, detailed information here.

Kerim goes to Kerala.

Taoyuan nights goes to town on cheap money.

Hai Tien goes to [...]

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Marketing and Singing Pics

On Saturday, after geocaching on Friday, The Bushman and I headed off to the Taichung Fish Market, women and children in tow.

The only thing new since my last visit was this shaded walkway…

Sugar cane for juicing.

The Bushman, my wife, and Sheridan

The vendors were setting the food out for lunch, sumptuous colors illuminated by bright flourescent [...]

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KMT: Nobody wants the job

Ma Ying-jeou’s resignation as Chairman has left some big shoes to fill. Taiwan News reports on the problems the KMT is having finding a replacement:
No one within the Kuomintang has shown any willingness to run for the party chairman post in a by-election tentatively slated for mid-April or early May, not even acting Chairman Wu [...]

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Shih Betrays Again

Former DPP Chairman and turncoat Shih Ming-te, who recently led the anti-Chen protests in Taiwan, is off to the US, going back on his promise to remain in isolation….
Some of the remaining members of the self-styled “Million Voices Against Corruption” campaign were outraged to discover that their headquarters on Chongqing S Road has been [...]

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Jim Mann in Seattle for Booksigning

Perry at Taiwan Focus passed around this book signing news for the Seattle Area:
For those in Seattle Washington USA Jim Mann will stop in Seattle on Monday, March 5 for a discussion and book signing at the University Book Store..If you want more information you can call the book store at (206) 634-3400.
Here’s the information:
Monday [...]

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Weekend Fun

What good things could we find on our weekend?
I spent this weekend hanging out with The Bushman in Taichung and Hukou. So expect more pics tomorrow….

Explosives are an important component of a fun Taiwan weekend…

Fireworks arrayed on a roadside table.

A local alley.

Taichung, Taiyuan Rd.

Michael’s friend and my wife enjoy a hearty laugh. We had originally [...]

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