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March 8, 2007

Asian Studies Toolbar
From: John Noyce

As a librarian turned writer/historian, I have a continuing interest in internet tools that efficiently process incoming information, and have tried a variety of data aggregators like Google Reader and KlipFolio.

Recently I have been experimenting with the Conduit customised toolbar which works on a single line inside web browsers such as IE and Firefox. My first effort, intended just for private use, has now been installed by 800+ friends and their friends (mostly those interested in meditation and yoga).

This has encouraged me to produce another toolbar, specifically designed for those in Asian Studies. It can be downloaded from:

In summary, the Asian Studies Toolbar contains

- a links directory of hopefully useful web pages (additions welcome)
- a stack of rss feeds for Asian newspapers
- a second rss stack for blogs, etc, in the Asian Studies field
- a radio player with internet radio and podcasts

together with the usual Conduit toolbar features, including multi-email notifier (very useful), local weather, and multiple search options. All Conduit toolbars can be further customised by users, using a drop down menu.

Installation is quick (268K in Firefox). I hope H-Asia members find it useful. (and if you dont like it, uninstall is straightforward). Oh, and its only for Windows.


John Noyce
Independent writer/historian/publisher
Melbourne, Australia