The United States of Creationism.

While I am working to have the phrase Enter the letters as they are shown in the image banned, you can read these great blog posts:

  • As I did with Spain and Italy, Jerome Keating points to still more examples of how a nation coming to grips with its past replaces authoritarian monuments with symbols of hope, freedom, and remembrance. What Taiwan is doing perfectly normal.
  • Orz Orz Orz That’s Impossible! has been putting up one informative post after another. Orz Orz Orz. Read this speculation on Wang and his hopes for a Presidential run. And this round up post on the political news. And this useful map of the election districts.Orz Orz Orz fnord
  • The Foreigner is back and posting on the apologetics for Chiang Kai-shek. Welcome back!
  • Taiwan Airpower gives the list of ROC navy port calls in Taiwan this year.
  • Wulingren has a long and informative post on the Nazi phenomenon in Taiwan.