The blogosphere is crowded with posts today…

  • David watches the end of the Tour de Taiwan
  • Doubting to Shuo reports that the Legislature has cleared the way for local foreign teachers to unionize.
  • Scott Sommers reports on Steven Krashen’s discussion of the disastrous effect of testing on US education.
  • That’s Impossible! rounds up the latest on the Chiu Yi appeal, Wang Jin-pyng’s run for the crown, the anti-name rectification march, and sundry other items.
  • Taoyuan nights points out the problems of yi wo feng — everyone rushing into the same business at the same time in the same place. I don’t think low interest rates are the problem there — those vendors aren’t borrowing from banks, but from family.
  • The Foreigner observes that Chiu Yi committed vehicular assault. And points out where KMT propaganda is dead wrong.