The Council on Foreign Relations, the Foreign Affairs wing of US establishment elites, offers this debate on the China Threat between Richard Halloran and John Tkacik of the Heritage Foundation:

In early March, China announced it will increase military spending by nearly 18 percent in 2007, to more than $45 billion. Experts say Beijing understates its defense budget by more than half but the proposed 2008 U.S. military budget of $481 billion still dwarfs China’s. Yet the spending increase, which comes less than two months after Beijing conducted an anti-satellite test, raises concern about China’s growing military might and the associated challenge posed to the United States.

Richard Halloran, a Honolulu-based freelance writer who specializes in Asian security issues and was formerly with the New York Times as a correspondent in Asia and military correspondent in Washington, debates John J. Tkacik, Jr., a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, about whether China poses a military threat to the United States.

The debate is posted online as a series of essays. Happy reading!