Today the Taipei Times had an article about “radicals” in Hong Kong who want a real democracy there.

Leon Ng (吳耀民), a legislative councilor with the Liberty Party, told the Taipei Times that the staging of a campaign rally was a copy of events from Taiwan’s democratic system.

“I would say that if Taiwan’s democracy has reached a college degree, then this rally has just about reached kindergarten,” Ng said.

Ng, who has been to Taiwan to observe elections several times, said that Hong Kongers have no idea about how to show their passion and fervor for the candidate they support.

“What impressed me most was the passion and autonomy of Taiwanese voters when I joined in campaign rallies in Taipei,” Ng said. “Although Taiwan holds elections nearly every year, I think it takes a step forward with each poll. I think Hong Kong could also have that one day.”

Take that, Ming Pao. This article also offers a clue to another reason Beijing hates Taiwan so much: the effect democracy in a Chinese society has on other Chinese societies, including those under its rule.