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城市遊牧影展 2007

既日起短片競賽開始徵件 獎金5000元 !!!

全台唯一地下獨立影展—城市遊牧影展。 今年影片競賽開始徵件! 展期將預定於四月底或 五月初開幕,另諸公佈敬請期待。

徵選主題在於影片能推進至邊界、 挑戰傳統技法、 甚至能擊中要害之特質; 基本上未參 加過其他影展的作品。 其類型可為 :實驗電影或錄影帶、動畫、 喜劇短片、 政治、 音樂、 滑板、 衝浪、 性別專題、 外籍勞工問題、 網路短片、 北韓與伊拉克之記錄片等主題 均在徵選範圍內。受於放映時段場次的限制, 我們會統籌分類並盡力安排播放影片, 僅此希望更多的短片投件 (15分鐘以內之短片),也希望能推動各國作品相互了解, 並將優先審查加附有中文或英文 對白字幕之作品。

一旦您的影片被受邀, 我們將誠摯的邀請您參予開幕酒會、 及場次前與觀眾對談或講解, 更於其中選出最佳短片贏得獎金5000元等機會。

城市游牧影展由兩位外籍記者David Frazier與Sean Scanlan於2002年成立。城市遊牧影展為台灣唯一獨立影展。主旨在於藉由短片電影與地下獨立電影而創造出嶄新的社群感 (communityfeeling)。曾經於2002至2004年在台北華山藝文特區舉辦,2005年於台北的寶藏岩舉行,2006年再次回到華山舉辦。2006年的場次每天約8小時左右,上演4個晚上,吸引了300多觀眾。其他巡演經驗,也分別於台中20號倉庫兩次,以及台北政治大學一次。

收件日期: 即日起至 2007年3月26日

徵片規格: DVD, MPEG, VCD(我們可能會請您另提供 mini DV beta SP 或其他影像效果較佳的形式規格)

寄件地址: 臺北市金門街12巷1弄2號
或來電: 0930-371-036 or 0922-428-070



IT’S ON!!! NT$5000 Prize for best short film

Urban Nomad , Taiwan ’s only underground film festival, is seeking entries for this year’s big to-do, which will be held in Taipei in late April/ early May.

We want films that push boundaries, challenge conventions, have local flavor or alternative views and in all kinds of ways really hit home.

We like: experimental film/ video, animation, comedic shorts, political documentary, music documentary, skateboard/ surfing, gender, migrant workers, Internet shorts, etc.

Due to our limited schedule, there are only so many films we can show, so shorter films (under 15 minutes) stand a greater chance of getting accepted. Also, films need to be accessible to both English and Chinese speaking audiences, which means films with subtitles and subject matter pertinent to Taiwan will be given priority.

If your film is accepted, you will be invited to an opening party, toasted royally, and potentially asked to speak before the screening of your film. We are also offering a cash prize of NT$5,000 for the best original short from Taiwan — regardless of category.

Urban Nomad was founded in Taipei in 2002 by two expatriate journalists in Taiwan , David Frazier and Sean Scanlan, and is possibly the festival in Taiwan that is both fully independent and receives no government funding. The ongoing project is to create a community-oriented film environment and put an end to the impersonal ‘black box’ movie theater environment where hundreds of people can watch films without really noticing each other as human beings. We’ve held our five festivals to date in warehouse or outdoor spaces at Taipei ’s Huashan Arts District and Treasure Hill. In 2006 we also held screenings at National Chengchi University .

Application deadline: March,26

Format: DVD, MPEG, VCD (for some accepted films, we may later ask for mini DV, beta SP or other high quality versions)

Subtitling: The festival aims to be bilingual in Chinese and English.

Films with subtitles will be preferred. We reserve the right to refuse films without subtitles.

Fee: There is no fee, but we will ask you to sign a release form giving us permission to show your film.

#2, Alley 1, Lane 12, Jinmen St. , Taipei , Taiwan

Questions/contact: Attn: David Frazier or Sean Scanlan

Download application forms:

Tel: 0930-371-036 or 0922-428-070