It’s not night in the blogs…..

  • That’s Impossible discusses the pro-localization faction. And the mysterious fire that swept through one of Chiang Kai-shek’s 27 residences. Good thing he lived an austere life….
  • nostalgiaphile witnesses thugs destroying a bar. Brrr.
  • Big Ell has his hands on the local porn numbers.
  • Bill Stimson argues for a free Taiwan at Peking Duck.
  • Mark discusses bloggers and search engine optimization. Don’t miss the extensive comments at the bottom.
  • David bikes to Xindian.
  • Scott has a long, wonderful post on testing and education in Taiwan.
  • Laowiseass remarks on the habit of criticism in local culture.
  • The Foreigner collects some great stuff on the KMT defense of Chiang. A big victory for the DPP, as Johnny Neihu also noticed.
  • Pinyin News talks about the expanded word list for local exams. That’s Impossible talks about mother tongue education.
  • Media: Randall Schriver is another in an increasing number of US officials who argue that Taiwan should just go ahead and build the submarines itself, thus acquiring not only new weapons but also the ability to enter a new export market.

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