The Central Weather Bureau says we can expect rain for the next two months….and there’s plenty of traffic on the blogs….

SPECIAL: Spent this weekend in Kaohsiung as my friend The Bushman Is Now Married! More on that later.

  • nostalgiaphile rips NTU for studying Shakespeare.
  • The meiguotaiwanren blogs on Mr Donut. Hey, my sympathy for the lost post. I switched to Firefox ages ago for just that reason…
  • Poagao nails the Blue-Green Divide.
  • Anarchy in Taiwan has a great post on Little Manila in Taipei. I don’t know if the Filipino world is a lot more positive than the western expats, but I sure enjoy the time I spend hanging out in that other world.
  • Ilha Formosa blogs on evolution of the famous Darly toothpaste.
  • Pinyin news blogs on Mandarin’s Four Languages.
  • Jerome blogs on China’s injection of politics into the Olympics. Who wudda thunk it?
  • the Bushman does the drains. With pics.
  • Patrick discusses the history of Treasure Hill.
  • MEDIA: Taiwan’s online game market worth $300 million. The terrifying phenomenon of missing bees is hitting Taiwan too.