Ma Ying-jeou goes to court today. Lots of judgments in the blogs….

  • David finds that Lonely Planet TV is now out of beta, and finds a video on Taiwan.
  • Scott Sommers has a post on Steven Krashen and testing. The comments on this are quite interesting, including remarks from Krashen and rebuttals from Dr. Clyde Warden.
  • A-gu reports on Wang Jin-pyng’s refusal to run in the KMT presidential primary (it’s rigged, he says. No, really?). Have to do a post on this one myself. And don’t miss his comments on Shih Ming-teh and the Red Ant Dupes at the bottom of that post. As he points out, Shih’s backers are Deep Blues themselves and anyone they support in the upcoming elections is likely to be a Blue — poaching votes from official candidates. Last year KMT conspiracy theorists were arguing that Shih was actually a tool of the Greens out to make the Blues look bad. I can’t imagine how they will foam and froth at the mouth now. (UPDATE: The China Post has already started.)
  • In the “Where are they now?” category, Feiren blogs on alleged embezzler Wang You-theng’s attempts to gain asylum in the US.
  • Maddog comments on the media forum held by the DPP last week that discovered that the international media had problems covering Taiwan. As Johnny Neihu noted on Saturday, it took them this long to find out? Just the usual DPP inability to handle the foreign media.
  • Todd goes wild on the food pics.
  • Jerome Keating blogs on many things: the police breaking up a skit at Chiang Kai-shek’s tomb, and how Taiwan should deal with the legacy of the dead dictator.
  • Poagao has a much-commented on post about that old woman who always tries to push her way onto the subway when people are getting off.
  • A Republican embarrassed by our sick President, Yapien Dreams posts on what’s wrong with King George.
  • The very beautiful Adelita blogs on a topic near and dear to my heart: restaurants around the island.
  • MEDIA: A Straits Times piece at Asiamedia discusses the TVBS Gangsta Pap Video case. Some good stats about the media environment.

    SPECIAL: Su Beng’s biographer sends around word that she has started a blog on the process of writing his biography.

    As many of you know, for the past two to three years I have been working on documenting the life of Su Beng, one of Taiwan’s oldest living Taiwan independence activists and author of “Taiwan’s 400 Year History.” I’ve finally started a blog about this process. You can read about it here:

    I’ve also posted something brief about Su Beng here on Wikipedia:

    I hope you will continue visit my blog in the future- to read and follow me along this journey. Please share this with others you think might be interested. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!