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State Department Shames US. Again

Last week I blogged on China’s reaction to the prospect that President Chen Shui-bian might actually visit the National Press Club Wizard of Oz style, by teleconferencing. Naturally the Chinese, with their obsessive focus on annexing Taiwan, objected to pixels containing Chen’s image appearing at the National Press Club. At the time I chortled to [...]

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Visiting With Friends

The view from the 85th floor of Taipei 101, the indoor observation deck.
Sunday my good friend Jason W. flew in from overseas to visit old friends and old haunts. Andrew Kerslake and I picked him up at the airport and then hung out in Taipei, hooking up with the acutely intelligent and hilarious Jason Cox, [...]

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Bullets and Elections in Taiwan

The popular China blog ESWN, discussing the recent bullets flying in Taiwan, observes….
(TVBS) In Taichung’s District #3, DPP legislature candidate Hsieh Hsin-ni lost her primary election but she has filed an appeal on the grounds that one of the polling research companies had an improper business relationship with her opponent and this company gave [...]

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Zogby Poll: Americans think US has obligation to defend Taiwan

UPI has a new poll on American views of the Taiwan issue, with a small majority of the UPI-Zogby International poll respondents saying that the United States has a responsibility to defend Taiwan if the island is attacked by China. Love the second paragraph.
China considers Taiwan a breakaway province but many in Taipei consider the [...]

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Daily Links, May 29, 2007

All of the Bushman’s photos of doomed Flight 5371 are up at Flickr. I’ll be going over them tomorrow. In the meantime, there’s plenty of other stuff to study….and mind you wear a hat and sunscreen. UDN reports today that three farmers died of heat stroke yesterday. It’s hot out there…

Battlepanda blogs on the recent [...]

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I often hack on the China Post for its completely unreliable political reporting, but once they get outside of politics they do a great job on local stuff. The other day the China Post published a list of dangerous seashores in Taiwan.
Paishawan beach on the northern coast of Taipei County was listed as one of [...]

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Swing Voters and the Language of Analysis

The Taipei Times offered up several views of the upcoming election cycle from local analysts yesterday. First it argued that parties are moving toward the “center”.


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Saturday, in the Park…

On Saturday I went out to Fengyuan again to meet Jim of Sponge Bear and hike. This time Thoth Harris came along for the three hour tour.

We met at the Chung Cheng Park outside Fengyuan, a good jumping off point for the area’s many trails. But first we had to stop in the market….

…where there [...]

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The Indigenous

“The wheel of the Tarot is the wheel of Dharma,” Mama Sutra said softly when he had concluded. “It is also the wheel of the galaxy, which you see as a blind machine. It rolls on, as you say, no matter what we think or do. Knowing that, I can accept Death as another part [...]

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Heffalumps Widely Distributed in Taiwan

The China Post reports that elephants are among us:
Fossil remains of the once indigenous mammuthus — a species of prehistoric elephant — have been unearthed for the first time in central Taiwan by an amateur archaeologist at the Taichung Mountainview Community University, local sources reported yesterday.
The fossil — part of an upper molar tooth — [...]

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US Bluntly Warns China: You Don’t Have It To Take Taiwan

A new Pentagon report bluntly warns the Chinese that the consequences of attacking Taiwan would be too great to bear:
In the report, the Defense Department explicitly describes what would happen if China should attack Taiwan, the self-governing democratic island that Beijing claims as its own. It says China does not yet have “the military capability [...]

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Thieves and Scams

Scams are a way of life on the Beautiful Isle. Yesterday my neighbor stopped by and she and my wife fell to discussing some that had happened to her. An old woman who collects recycling stuff and sells it to get by, she hardly has a cent, but nevertheless, thieves have ransacked her house twice.
She [...]

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Personality Cult Touchstone and the Future of the KMT

During the martial law period the KMT government fostered a personality cult around the figure of Chiang Kai-shek (the Australian academic Jeremy Taylor has done a sterling job of chronicling the development and ramifications of this cult, and political religion in general in Taiwan). The ultimate realization of this personality cult is of course the [...]

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Daily Links, May 23

Fresh stuff on the blogs today.
A Raven Crows finds a rather one-sided article from a Swiss anthropologist on modern Taiwan.

Veg restaurants in Taipei, blogged on by a group travel blog.

Dos Centavos fumes over Arthur Waldron’s piece in the Taipei Times the other day.

Anarchy in Taiwan blogs on Johnny Neihu’s great column on S.H.E.

Todd is in [...]

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Temples and Alleys of Tainan

A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of hours to walk around Tainan’s alleys and take still more pics. Haven’t had a chance to put up many pictures this week, so brace yourself while I indulge. Here my friend Peter Huston makes sure I don’t see anything indecent before we set out on [...]

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