Michael Klein became an important link in the investigation into the crash of an Air Force jet in Hsinchu last week. He has a fascinating account of the visit of the Air Force officers to his house today during their investigation. Note these words from his previous post:

To me, their value is in the hope that they will clear the pilots of error.

I also want to give my personal take on the incident. I saw the jet in its final moments. The pilots had time to eject. They chose not to. Instead, they flew their aircraft into the ground on the base, thus sparing countless hundreds of lives in the crowded Hukou area that would have been lost in the crash and subsequent explosion.

When I look at the photos of 5371, I see 2 heroes in the cockpit….

These were men. All honor to them.

UPDATE: Michael’s blog now has received thousands of hits on this issue. More power to him! To understand how the media speculation has run wild, flip to the posts on this thread at the Taiwan Military Forum. Then when the pictures and story are finally released, you can have a hearty laugh, and receive yet another education in how the media, when they have nothing, go ahead and make stuff up anyway.