All of the Bushman’s photos of doomed Flight 5371 are up at Flickr. I’ll be going over them tomorrow. In the meantime, there’s plenty of other stuff to study….and mind you wear a hat and sunscreen. UDN reports today that three farmers died of heat stroke yesterday. It’s hot out there…

  • Battlepanda blogs on the recent Council of Agriculture initiative to get people to eat more rabbits. Why stop there? Dog-eating is part of Chinese culture, and the streets are full of meat on the hoof…
  • Craig Ferguson has some wonderful images of the abandoned resort out at Feitsuiwan. These weird buildings have been the subject of many wonderful photo series over the years.
  • Todd continues his wonderful collection of KinmenMatsu photos.
  • David trips out to Sanzhi, birthplace of Lee Teng-hui.
  • The Foreigner comments on renaming CKS Memorial, not positively.
  • Jerome rips the China Post for distorting history.
  • Feiren has a kickass post on Hsieh the “Moderate”. Lotsa people are going to be writing articles about “Hsieh the disappointment” in a couple of years.
  • You foreigners can never know anything about Chinese martial arts. Formosa Neijia comments.

  • More tomorrow!