The primary is over, and the Taiwan News has the call:

Though plagued by corruption scandals, former premier Frank Hsieh Sunday won the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential primary by a landside and vowed to try his best to mend party divisions created on the campaign trail.

“As President Chen Shui-bian said earlier today, preserving party unity is DPP members’obligation and responsibility,” Hsieh told a news conference at his campaign office.“There is no one I cannot forgive or work with.”

As of 8pm, local cable TV outlets show Hsieh polled 63,233 ballots, followed by Premier Su Tseng-chang, who garnered 46,992 ballots. DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun and Vice President Annette Lu gathered 22,200 votes and 8,552 votes, respectively.

Hsieh specifically thanked former vice premier Yeh Chu-lan, former Council of Labor Affairs chairman Lee Ying-yuan and Yunlin County Magistrate Su Chih-fen for their backing and assured supporters the corruption scandals would prove unfounded later.

Hsieh has that fire in the belly, experience in government, wide support, and a can-do attitude. He will be a good candidate for the DPP. Lots of mud-slinging, shooting self in foot, mad accusations, threats, pleading, and media constructions ahead, but if all goes as it should, Frank Hsieh will be the next President of Taiwan.