Two of my students share a joke before practice teaching.

Saturday my family and I zoomed up to Taipei to catch Franc Shelton’s presentation at the meet up at The Shannon on Saturday morning. There were a couple of new faces there, and many old ones. Franc, an official at the officially unofficial US representative office here, AIT, gave a ton of information on what AIT can do for Americans here, on visa issues, and on being a foreign service officer. The breakfast menu at the Shannon received a significant upgrade and the service was excellent. Well done to all. Those of you didn’t come missed out on some pleasant company.

After that, I spent the afternoon hanging out with Linda Arrigo and meeting interesting people (more on that in the next post).

The veranda of the Taiwan Beer Bar.

Evening brought me to the Taiwan Beer Bar on Ba Deh Rd in Taipei, Sec. 2, #85. Had a great time hanging out with the Bushman, Andres, Laowiseass, David on Formosa, Prince Roy….

A mini-keg, five liters of the finest Taiwan Beer, lubricated a fine evening.

…..Notes from a Small Island, The Daily Bubble Tea, Doubting to Shuo, the beautiful Battlepanda (Happy Birthday! 23 again!), and sundry other personalities local and foreign, sober and sozzled. Looking forward to espying you there one night…I’m definitely going to make a habit of this….

UPDATE: Prince Roy’s account.