Last week I blogged on the tale of the Cadet Who Was Set Up by Sex. Such set-ups are routine here (anyone remember Chung Cheng-mo?). The postscript to the case is, of course, that the cadet was cleared of wrongdoing after the investigation.

A U.S. Military Academy cadet who was briefly investigated for possible sexual impropriety while studying in Taiwan has been exonerated by that country’s military, according to news reports.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported late last week that the cadet, who was on a three-week exchange program at the Republic of China Military Academy, did nothing wrong during a late-night encounter with a local woman.

The meeting between the woman and the West Point cadet was reportedly arranged by a cadet at the Taiwan military academy.

Taipei Times, an English-language daily, said the Army Command Headquarters has determined “the West Point cadet did not force the woman to do anything she did not want to do. As a result, we are of the opinion that the West Point cadet did nothing illegal.”

A State Department official in Washington did not have any comment on the findings.

See why she didn’t claim he raped her? That would have been a legal violation which might have had serious repercussions. And here’s a bet: this woman will make the news again in a completely different but equally silly/bizarre context.