“Never mind. You’ve proved who killed Cock Robin and I don’t expect a still-moist kaydet to know all the tricks. But listen and learn.”

The other day, May 31st, the Taipei Times reported on the woman who felt uncomfortable after having consensual intercourse with a West Point cadet here in Taiwan on an exchange program…..

The Chinese-language United Daily News, a pro-unification newspaper, printed front page coverage of allegations by an unidentified woman who said she had sex with a visiting student from the US Military Academy at West Point. In the article, the woman did not make any specific claims that the man raped her, but said she felt “uncomfortable” after the hotel room tryst.

The United Daily News reported that a student surnamed Chuang () from the Republic of China (ROC) Military Academy had brought the West Point cadet to a nightclub in Tainan City on Friday night.

The West Point cadet, who will be not identified because he has not been charged with any crime, was in Taiwan on a three-week exchange program.

The trope here of They’re Rogering Our Women! is a commonly encountered one for foreigners in Taiwan. Predictably, legislators blamed the government…

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Lin Nan-sheng (林南生), while waving a copy of the United Daily News in the legislature’s National Defense Committee, said that Taiwan had lost face because the country did not react in the same way as Japan or South Korea did when there was an incident involving US military personnel.

He blamed the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and, more specifically, Vice Minister of National Defense Lin Chen-yi (林鎮夷) — who was attending the committee meeting — for the alleged incident.

“Shame on you, vice minister!” Lin Nan-sheng said.

Echoing Lin Nan-sheng, KMT Legislator Lin Yu-fang (林郁芳) said that he did not understand how the MND had dealt with the matter, implying that Taiwan was allowing foreign soldiers to run rampant on its shores.

“So, is this how you treat West Point cadets? Maybe it is also the same way you treat any soldier from one of our allies?” Lin Yu-fang said. “This is absurd! This is a shame! This is a disgrace!”

Just your basic shallow one-day scandal, right?


It was obvious to me when I saw the story that whole thing was a set up. As the Taipei Times pointed out, the lad spoke no local languages and had only been in Taiwan a couple of weeks, but nevertheless he got a taxi, set himself up in a hotel room and arranged a tryst. Had it been some working girl who hadn’t been paid for her efforts, there would have been no story, except something like Cadet Worked Over With Baseball Bats. Nope, this one barked set up! from the get-go. However, I puzzled over just what the set up was aimed at.

It’s important to keep in mind that when legislators go nutso it is on purpose and with malice aforethought. Taiwan legislators are completely rational and the fights, indignant attacks, and craziness one sees is political theatre aimed at local voters. The screaming legislator, Lin Yu-fang, from the PFP, has long taken an interest in military affairs. His vapid overreaction was the first clue that something was not right. Satirist Johnny Neihu provided the second clue today about how 60 seconds of sex turned a cadet into a celebrity:

Woe betide the military foreign exchange student who sleeps with the female buddy of a Taiwanese reporter and doesn’t call her back.

A source at the United Daily News (UDN) told NewsWatch that the UDN reporter who broke the story about Ms. D — a woman in Tainan who showed an American cadet from West Point what US-Taiwan “direct links” are really all about — just happens to be an old acquaintance of Ms. D.

Coincidence? I think not. United Daily News (UDN) is a fanatically pro-Blue paper whose journalistic ethics are generally considered spotty at best. Why this story, now? The answer, as a knowledgeable friend pointed out to me, is simple: a few days previously, on May 27, a Taiwanese woman became the first Asian female to graduate from West Point.

Hung Wan-ting (洪琬婷), a second lieutenant with Taiwan’s Chinese Military Academy, will become the first Taiwanese — and Asian — woman to graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point on Saturday after four years of training, said a Central News Agency (CNA) report yesterday.

A series of celebrating events have taken place on Thursday and Friday in the lead up to yesterday’s graduation.

Of the approximately 1,000 graduates, 40 of those included foreign students coming from 27 countries and Hung was one of them.

Good news for Taiwan, and for the Ministry of Defense. That good news reflects well on the ruling DPP. Can’t have that, can we!? So a scandal was quickly hatched — a white foreign West Pointer was picked — and visceral appeals made. The result? Good news for the ruling party blunted, West Point smeared, and some bewildered future American officer got a black mark at the start of his career.

UPDATE: Maoman has some fantastic comments below, at the bottom.

UPDATE: June 5. A Liberty Times letter has more details.

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Hotel staff say she wasn’t intoxicated, and security video shows they were already going at it hot-n-heavy in the elevator. Also, online chat records show she was totally willing participant. .