There we were, sitting at home watching a movie, when a snake slipped under the main door, slithered along the living room wall, and then slipped out the screen door on the side. Naturally, my Olympus, whose warm up times and shutter lags are glacial, was only able to get this shot as it slipped out the screen door, to the untrammeled delight of the dogs, one of whom awaits it with great interest.

What’s creeping across the blogs today?

  • mediadiary reviews Morning in Taipei.
  • A-gu notes that Chen and Hsieh have the same views on Taiwan’s independence. He also discusses a China Times article which claims that if the UN referendum passes here, China says it will use military force.
  • CFI, as always, has some great pics.
  • Wild at Heart blogs on birds caught in farmer’s nets and their sad, slow deaths.
  • The Foreigner discusses citizen journalism in Taiwan.
  • Memoirs on a rainy day, which has some nice pics, also makes Thai green curry.
  • bent has a great post on economics, democracy, Taiwan….lots of good stuff coming out of bent lately.
  • “Chen’s” amnesty bill under attack by the people who voted for it? A-gu has a laugh.
  • Want a yoga mat? Formosa Neijia discusses your every mat need.
  • Chewin’ on the Chung dissects the crime statistics of our fair city.
  • Todd attempts panoramas. Looks great, man!.
  • Prince Roy reviews our jaunt to Jolly’s in Taipei. Watch out for that 7.2% pale ale.
  • Thoth blogs on health care in Canada and Taiwan.
  • Mark blogs on his first investment in a Taiwan firm.
  • THINGS TO DO: Formoz music festival. Conference on transitional justice in Taipei on Saturday.

    MEDIA: I’ll be commenting on the coverage of Hsieh’s trip to the USA later this week. For now, see how breathless KMT fan Kathrin Hille over at the Financial Times says Hsieh is Chen’s rival whom the DPP has hung out to dry. China says Chen is a schemer. Because everyone knows that Hu is not a schemer — he got his position by free and fair elections and wise offerings of public policy. Export orders here continue to rise. The UN rejects Taiwan’s bid to enter under “Taiwan.” No, really? Xinhua praises the UN. The Reuters news article on Hsieh’s trip, which originally described Hsieh as the frontrunner, now has Hsieh merely as a contender (”Hey! I couldda been a frontrunnah!”).