WaPo has a commentary on how Mad Chen, the Crazed Independence Radical, “provokes” China, in its WaPo Global Forum section, by a Chinese-American “journalist.” It consists entirely of the standard propaganda lines.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very much of a Western pro-democracy type of mentality. But I really think Taiwan’s president is using his version of “democracy” to create chaos and to agitate the mainland.

Are Taiwan’s people better off under the current leadership? I have many Taiwanese friends who complain to me that life isn’t as good as it used to be. They say that Taiwan has become an “M society” — the rich are richer and the poor poorer, with hardly anyone in between. At the same time, both my Hong Kong and mainland Chinese friends in general think their life is better off than before.

When looking at the Taiwan issue, we can’t simply say that Taiwan is a democracy and China is totalitarian, so Taiwan should have the freedom to decide its independence. Apart from politics, emotional ties, economic ties, nationalism and a sense of pride and unity all play very major roles in this sensitive issue.

Taiwan has its own independence without the public voting on it. Taiwan’s leader wants to hold a democratic vote on whether to declare independence from China not because he believes that Taiwan’s people should decide their own fate; this move is not for the sake of the Taiwanese people at all. Despite the cloak of referendum and democracy, the purpose of such action is to provoke the mainland and play hardball with mainland China’s leaders.

I believe that the best way for Taiwan’s leaders to protect Taiwan’s democracy is to avoid direct confrontation and possible war, especially when mainland China is engaged in its own slow process of democratization.

Shame on the Post for giving space to such nonsense. It’s bad enough that propaganda gets space, but the really frustrating, infuriating thing is that with so many informed and knowledgeable people out there who could comment meaningfully on Taiwan and China relations, and on President Chen, and on our democracy here, the Post gives precious space to a clueless journalist who obviously knows nothing about Taiwan.

Note the other question posted by the Post on the Taiwan issue:

Should Taiwan hold a democratic vote on whether to declare independence from China, or do Taiwan’s leaders have a greater responsibility to their people to avoid war?

Talk about your loaded questions! It’s curious how nobody ever asks whether China’s leaders have a responsibility to avoid war. Apparently you’re only irresponsible if you want to live at peace in a democratic state.

Stop by both forums and leave a comment. We can’t have too much pro-democracy commentary out there.