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Lost: The Bush Administration Version

My family finally got hold of season 3 of Lost, which we’ve been watching closely. You might recall the show. It’s about of group of outsiders whom fate strands on an island with only limited access to the outside world, full of people who speak cryptically, tropical fruit, computer equipment, and hot women, and [...]

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Tancredo Blasts State

Kudos to Congressman Tom Tancredo, who launched a blast at the State Department for its hypocrisy and overreaction:

Tancredo Slams State Department for Negroponte Comments, Failure to Follow Law, Hypocrisy on Taiwan
Urges Bush Administration to Support Freedom and Democracy Instead of Acting as China’s “Bag Man”
(WASHINGTON, DC) – U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo released the following letter [...]

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Nelson Report on Negroponte, State, UN Referendum

The Nelson Report, the Washington insider report, has the lowdown on State’s warning to Taiwan.
TAIWAN…on Monday, Dep. Sec. Negroponte continued the Bush Administration’s “dual strategy” of working to reassure Beijing that the US will not tolerate risky moves by the DPP government on Taiwan, while firmly whacking the DPP.
He repeated the Administration’s very strong public [...]

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Serving Your Prison Sentence, Taiwan style

In Taiwan, beating the system is an art form, one that depends on exploitation of the willingness of other human beings to take a hit, sweetened with a little cash or mediated by filial piety. For example, gangsters use the ID cards of homeless people to open bank accounts that they use in scams. Similarly, [...]

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Bush Resignations Affect Korean FTA, Taiwan

While most of the attention in Washington has focused on the resignation of that hopeless and venal incompetent, Attorney General Gonzalez, there was another resignation recently that affects Taiwan indirectly. The Nelson Report noted:
All this by way of saying there were two resignations today which will resonate, one you all know about (Atty. Gen. Gonzalez) [...]

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State Says Taiwan UN Drive Violating Status Quo

Both the French and British governments recognize how great is the sacrifice thus required of the Czechoslovak Government in the cause of peace. But because that cause is common both to Europe in general and in particular to Czechoslovakia herself they have felt it their duty jointly to set forth frankly the conditions essential to [...]

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Domestic Political Fun

While the DPP grooms itself for the future, the KMT is riven by internal strife.
The China Post reported the other day that Yeh Chu-lan, the wife of dissident and activist Chen Nan-jung, is under consideration by DPP Presidential candidate Frank Hsieh for the Premiership:
After I had served as Kaohsiung mayor, Yeh Chu-lan also served as [...]

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Dolphin Conservation Conference, Lukang, 4-7 Sept

This breathtaking dragonfly stopped by our house today.Robin and Christina from Wild at Heart passed me the news of this workshop on Dolphin conservation in Taiwan taking place in Lukang next week.

The Second International Workshop on the Conservation and Research Needs of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, in the waters of western Taiwan

4-7 September [...]

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Daily Links, August 28, 2007

David on Formosa is much too busy this week to handle the Daily Links, so I’m pinch hitting for him in the meantime. He’ll be back with hordes of links when he is tanned, rested, and ready. And on the blogs….

Sponge Bear also wreaks havoc on Clark’s piece. Lots of good historical stuff.

Kerim wants a [...]

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US, Taiwan, China, Japan: Two Views

Two Establishment views of the relations between the powers in East Asia popped up in the Japanese press this week. One, offered by Harvard PhD student Lief-Eric Eisley, has a series of recommendations for Taiwan, which is of course at fault in harming US-Taiwan relations (in a US establishment commentary, that goes without saying). Eisley [...]

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Acer Buys Gateway

It’s all over the media and the blogs, so let me add mine to the pile: Acer has bought Gateway, with its familiar white and black cow logo. Reuters reports:
Taiwan’s Acer said on Monday it will buy Gateway for $710 million, creating the world’s No.3 PC maker, as Acer doubles its presence in the United [...]

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Lung Ying-tai Cultural Foundation: Responsible Media in a Democracy

The Lung Ying-tai Cultural Foundation is hosting a salon on the issue of responsible media in a democracy, in English. See poster above for details (click for larger version).
Related PostsLung Ying-tai Cultural Foundation on AIDSThe LYT Foundation passed me this to pass around, on “The Taipei Salon” discussing the issue of “Glo…International Democracy Forum in [...]

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City of Photo Ops

On a perfect Saturday in August, Jeff Miller and I decided to check out some of the military works dating back to the 19th century that dot the ridges around the city of Keelung. (click on any pic below to be taken to its Flickr page for larger size)

Apartments and a school near Jeff’s place. [...]

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Here’s Dumb: Yao Ming Visit Blocked

If Taiwan had feet, they’d be riddled with bullet holes. The latest gaffe from our foreign ministry involves NBA star Yao Ming, who has invited to Taiwan to raise money for local charity:
Yao Ming, center for the NBA’s Houston Rockets, was denied permission to visit Taiwan next month for a charity fund-raising luncheon, the China [...]

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Aaarrgh! to the Syndey Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald reporter Mary-Anne Toy just got back from a Taiwan government-supported trip to Taiwan and produced a very uneven article that at times offers an excellent review of affairs, but at others, remains within the conventions that govern journalistic writing on Taiwan. Consider this:
Beijing has claimed sovereignty over the island democracy since their [...]

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