The Letter from Taipei in the Trib yesterday discussed Taiwan’s 7-11 life:

From the intersection of Zhongshan and Zhongxiao Roads in Taiwan’s bustling capital, you can spot at least four 7-Eleven stores as you turn north, south, east and west. No joke.

And while this corner may fall on the high end of the island’s 7-Eleven density spectrum, the cluster of identical stores fazes no one. With about 23 million people and more than 4,400 7-Elevens, Taiwan boasts the highest per capita number of these all-night convenience stores in the world.

The saturation is not lost on locals, who are quick to quote a not-so-ancient Taiwanese expression meaning something like: “There’s always a 7-Eleven around the next corner.”

In Taipei, this is no exaggeration. Scan the horizon in just about any of the capital’s neighborhoods and you’ll spot the familiar orange, green and red stripes that have become the near-universal symbol for all-night shopping, icy drinks and rolling hot dogs. In Taiwan, however, they herald a lot more.

Lot more there.