David on Formosa is much too busy this week to handle the Daily Links, so I’m pinch hitting for him in the meantime. He’ll be back with hordes of links when he is tanned, rested, and ready. And on the blogs….

  • Sponge Bear also wreaks havoc on Clark’s piece. Lots of good historical stuff.
  • Kerim wants a list of websites that are not foreigner-friendly.
  • Battlepanda: save the earth, shoot a moose.
  • Ayn Rand in China.
  • Senorita Pequena reviews About Time.
  • Tea Masters shows off her Celadon tea cups.
  • Pinyin News reviews names of Japanese love hotels.
  • Todd has a great pan of the Taipei Main Train Station. Beat me to it, man.
  • The Only Redhead has another great post on China and its overinflated rep.
  • Laowiseass blogs on an ill-fated expedition for Asian unity.
  • Announcements: Taiwan Photographers features Paul Batt. Congrats go out to Bent on the new kid. KGD Jazz Trio in Taipei, Wed, 8/28. Big Ell collapses from overwork after posting three times in one month. Scott S interviewed on Radio Taiwan International.

    MEDIA. Found this great article from Brent Hannon on ultralights in Taiwan.