Plenty of places to climb around on the blogs today….

  • The Only Redhead in Taiwan has an awesome post on his greening.
  • mediadiary, always interesting, has a review of a 1950s training film on how to raise livestock in Taiwan.
  • Scott blogs on the English villages, untrained English teachers in Taiwan, and King Car Education Foundation, which means well, but can’t do a damned thing right.
  • The Foreigner blogs on the Rebirth of Global Autocracy.
  • Jerome has been blogging like a wild man on the KMT’s stolen assets: here, here, and here.
  • CFImages does Lukang. Beautifully.
  • bent blogs on transitional justice and democracy here.
  • Taoyuan nights blogs on the housing market boom. Skeptically.
  • Taiwan Matters! hosts Maddog’s article on Kathrin Hille’s reporting.
  • Brian does Cosplay.
  • Yet another piece on Treasure Hill in Taipei from Canis Lupus, a great blog I just discovered.
  • A-gu on selling cigarettes to minors.
  • NEEDS: Formosa Neijia needs another person willing to study massage so his teacher can open a class.

    MEDIA: Pinoy Cook in Taiwan. Taiwan authorities find that Vietnamese Tea is poisonous but in common use in packaged tea drinks or sold as Taiwan tea. Taiwan Review talks about a music teacher who does ethnomusicology among the local aboriginals. Former Economist writer Philip Bowring has a totally conventional piece that argues for the possibility of a breakthrough in China-Taiwan relations in ‘08 because Hsieh is a “moderate.” Ah, the Beijing-based media lives in a different world. What is the Taiwan firm behind the iPhone? Human Rights Watch reports no progress on human rights in China a year before the Olympics.

    LINKS: Monday’s Taiwan links at David on Formosa. Bent has links. Kerim always has plenty of links.

    SPECIAL: Taiwan’s own Iris Ho named one of the Hill’s Top 50 Most Beautiful people.