The new KMT news site (, created to counter the “biases” of the world media, promises to be loads of fun. Runsun over at Aztec Passage has already pounced on some re-interpretations of reality there….

Knowing that twisting the fact is not something new in KMT culture, I am curious to see how “their” recent poll results would say. It didn’t take me too long before I spot a twisting fact on their site. On the second poll I checked, regarding an identity poll conducted by Eva TV, on July 19, 2007, KNN puts up a link to a Word file containing the poll results.

Read the whole post — it’s quite entertaining. Does the KMT really think that no one in the outside world is capable of reading critically?

I think the new website is wonderful, frankly. For years I was toying with the idea of regularly translating the writing in the Blue media, especially the editorials, so that everyone in the Anglais world could see how totally out of hand they are. Now the KMT is doing it for me! Consider this excerpt from a UDN editorial entitled: Frank Beware: You’re Starting to Sound Like a Nazi:

Hsieh’s plan for the presidential campaign — inciting communal strifes now, switching to the language of reconciliation and coexistence after the election — is simply Nazism in action. Moreover, this kind of political game plan of a politician — who thinks that he is very smart — has made him unbefitting to the vision and height of a presidency.

Since Frank Hsieh opposes “Taiwan independence,” what is left in his political thesis is a discourse of “communal conflict” that has a smack of Nazism.

You can’t make up stuff like this. Or this one in which UDN hacks on Chen Shui-bian for being an economic and psychological genius:

Second, swing voters: Chen Shui-bian has been busy manipulating real estate and stock prices, and buying votes through political patronage, creating a bubble economy in which the economic fundamentals have not improved, but in which media-generated excitement may influence voter behavior. Therefore when Chen Shui-bian attempts to win over swing voters, he need not to stress ideology, he need only present the illusion of prosperity. By contrast, Ma Ying-jeou may hope to pick up a handful of undecided votes by showcasing his “deference to Lee Teng-hiu” and by jumping on the “join the UN” bandwagon, but he will still have to overcome Chen Shui-bian’s “entitlement of the week” offensive.

Does anyone really imagine that Chen Shui-bian has the power to arrange stock and real estate prices? As this week has soundly demonstrated, the answer to that question is “no.” Yet that is the kind of conspiratorial thinking that passes for analysis on the Blue side.