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Smangus Tree Battle

The aboriginal town of Smangus has found itself in that ugly spot between official intransigence and local traditions — and so far imperialism is winning. The Taipei Times gives a brief account:
A group of Atayal Aborigines from Smangus Village in Hsinchu County yesterday said they would appeal a Taiwan High Court ruling that sentenced [...]

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Oct 6 Shannon Meet up

In the middle of putting up a diary about Taiwan and China at DailyKos, the massive Democratic blog, Jerome Keating sent around his “come one, come all” notification of the next meetup at The Shannon:
It has been a while since our last meeting and I hope you have all had a good summer.
To get back [...]

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Two Different Commentaries

It’s interesting to contrast how the center-right Japan Times views Taiwan with the views of a Green Party candidate from Canada. You decide which one actually has a grip on reality. First, the Japan Times…..
Mr. Chen certainly has political calculations in mind as he presses the U.N. campaign and proceeds with a referendum on U.N. [...]

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Vignettes from the New School Year

Practicing fan dancing in the morning at NCKU.
The Old OneEntering the elevator, I found myself among a bevy of young women wearing t-shirts from a university department I hadn’t seen before.“So,” I essayed, “What department are you all from?”“We’re from the Department of Senior Citizen Welfare,” explained one. There was a pause, and then another, [...]

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Daily Links, Sept 29, 2007

Lots of stuff being shipped out on the blogs recently:

A-gu reports on the upcoming National People’s Congress in China, which plans to map a new Taiwan policy.

Jerome points out that where China is concerned, we’re feeding the bully.

Craig takes beautiful pictures of Confucius Birthday ceremonies.

Poagao takes beautiful pictures in Danshui.

Talking Taiwanese reviews a report on [...]

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Rodin Exhibition in Taichung

Ni Howdy alerts readers to the upcoming Rodin exhibition in Taichung:

2007 marks the 6th year into the Shining Taichung Arts Festival. Continued this year, we have again incorporated the much loved Jazz Music Festival and Colorful City Festival as parts of [...]

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Taiwan Gets Help From Congress on F-16s, makes own missiles

The Taipei Times reported that the US Congress, which houses the largest collection of invertebrates outside the Smithsonian, took the State Department to task for its opposition to Taiwan’s purchase of F-16s, and sent a resolution through the Committee on the F-16 purchase…
The US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday approved a resolution that [...]

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Taiwan to make massive wind power investments

Great news for the environment…Taiwan plans to spend $3 billion on wind power installation over the next few years.
Offshore turbine capacity may total 360 megawatts by 2010, according to a report from the bureau, distributed at an industry conference yesterday. That may eventually rise to 1,200 megawatts, Wang said, without giving a time frame.
Wind [...]

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Chen Interview in Der Spiegel

A loyal reader informed me that President Chen Shui-bian was interviewed in the German news magazine this week:
SPIEGEL: Taiwan is a democracy, which cannot be said for many countries in the UN. But the fact remains that your wish has encountered resistance from the beginning — with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, but also [...]

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Wasai Taiwan wants your stories

John at The Real Taiwan sends along this plea from local students who want your story and are willing to pay cold hard cash to get it:
Dear Sir or Madam,
We are graduate students in the Institute of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the National Chiao Tung Universtiy [...]

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President Chen for Chairman, Again?

One of the quirks of Taiwan’s Constitution is the weakness of the Presidency. During the martial law era, and into the presidency of Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan’s presidents derived their political clout from their position as Chairman of the Party, not from occupying the chief office of a government that was never intended to be more [...]

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China Contrasts

Today the headline for an article on China’s CCTV noted that China Condemns Taiwan for Separatist Move. Meanwhile the International Herald Tribune reported via AP — same news, spun positively — China Reaches Out Following Olympic Feud. To wit:
Speaking at a regularly scheduled news conference on Wednesday, Li Weiyi, spokesman for the Cabinet’s Taiwan [...]

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Life and Markets in Taichung

The calm before the storm of the new semester, Moon Festival gives everyone a couple of days off to drive on crowded highways to pack into remote places to barbecue slices of meat so thin that poor people use them for window panes.

This handsome fellow is a famous Taiwan blogger and a student at NCKU [...]

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Daily LInks, Sept 25, 2007

Lots of good stuff out there this week:

Islaformosa blogs his father in law’s myna bird, which imitates car sounds.

Taoyuan Nights is still looking for the right girl.

ROC the Boat has a great review of Jim Mann’s The China Fantasy. Don’t miss all his posts on the UN referendum mess either.

Michael K. has a great post [...]

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Waldron, Beijing Advisor, on Taiwan’s UN Move

Conservative China and Taiwan specialist Arthur Waldron writes in Commentary on Taiwan’s UN rejection:
Taiwan’s rejection—for the fifteenth time in a row—by the agenda-setting committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations last Wednesday may well be seen, before too long, to have been a turning point. After all, who can believe that Taiwan will [...]

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