Lots of good stuff out there this week:

  • Islaformosa blogs his father in law’s myna bird, which imitates car sounds.
  • Taoyuan Nights is still looking for the right girl.
  • ROC the Boat has a great review of Jim Mann’s The China Fantasy. Don’t miss all his posts on the UN referendum mess either.
  • Michael K. has a great post on 419 scams.
  • Thomas Huang writes thoughtfully on the UN bid. So does the Foreigner.
  • Sponge Bear visits Taoyuan and comes back with loads of pics.
  • Anarchy in Taiwan has a post on the migrant workers mission digest.
  • Taiwan Echo blogs on the meaning of “Taiwan is the ROC.”
  • PODCASTING: Mark Forman’s Getting a Leg Up has some great music.