A friend of mine just sent me this email:

Had a bit of downtime yesterday so I dove into the Times newly liberated archives looking for pre-WWI stories on Formosa. Did I hit paydirt:
A 1904 article on how the Japanese have “transformed the savage island” of Formosa. Lots of good data on opium smoking rates and even a mention of the importance the Japanese put on water management.
An 1867 article featuring first-person accounts of the US Marines’ ill-fated punitive expedition in Kenting. A must-read for anyone who’s ever hiked up behind the main drag and into the bush. I was blown away by just how close the pirates, er, Paiwan were to successfully luring the party into that series of narrow canyons located to the east of Dajianshan. Alas, poor MacKenzie!
An 1896 article about the newly-acquired Japanese colony of Formosa and its possibilities. Reporting at the time was certainly devoid of the “Beijing regards Taiwan as a breakaway province” rhetoric, wasn’t it?
Speaking of, check out some old-school Chinese propaganda on the 1895 uprising.
How about a hilariously condescending story about the aborigines, circa 1895? Here ya go.
An 1885 letter from Rev. George “This Gibraltar of Heathenism” McKay on the expulsion of foreign missionaries during the French campaign that year.
There’s even a story in there somewhere where Li Hong-chang says to the effect “Formosa? Y’all can have it for all we care!”
There’s lots of good stuff in there…..