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Taking Pet Back to the US

Someone passed me this question:
My wife and I are returning to America in December, and will be bringing our pets, a cat and a dog we adopted here. Both pets are spayed & up to date in rabies shots, and have pet passports. My veterinarian here in [Taiwan] says that prior to being allowed to [...]

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TrippinTv Blogwatch

TrippinTV, which hopes to build itself into a social networking and media site for Taiwan, offers a feature called BlogWatch that looks at the local blogosphere.

Tim: Its my opinion that if you spend anytime on the Internet at all, live in Taiwan (or plan to live or visit here) you’re bound to stumble upon some [...]

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Taiwan-US relations stalled by who?

Who causes all the trouble in US-Taiwan relations? According Kathrin Hille of the Financial Times, whose reports on Taiwan have been colored by a strong anti-Chen streak (for example), it is our old pal Mad Chen© (”Watch out! He can start a war at any moment!”). First she briefs us on President Chen’s pledge not [...]

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Investment Medley

Asia Times has a long study of India’s growing strategic and financial engagement with East Asia. A highlight:
India needs to add as much as US$500 billion in investment into its infrastructure and Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have expressed interest in diversifying their investment beyond China. South Korea is India’s ninth-largest source of foreign [...]

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Tancredo to Leave Congress

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R), longtime friend of Taiwan and its affairs, will not seek a sixth term:
Another House Republican is retiring.
A spokesman for Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has confirmed he will not seek a sixth term.
Tancredo is running for the Republican presidential nomination, but the spokesman says the decision not to seek re-election is separate [...]

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UN Torch Relay Times

Maddog flipped me this link to the UN Torch relay. The times above are from the official Torch Relay site. Tomorrow, the 29th, it is at the Ai He Concert Hall in Kaohsiung, on HeHsi Rd at 7:00, and then to Tainan, where it will be at the Chih Kan Lou (the on Min Tzu [...]

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UN/Hu Offer Round up

The Yomiuri Shimbun published an article on the “peace offer” from Hu, written by a Japanese reporter, that totally follows the Chinese line. Although discussion of economic growth is thick, there is no mention of the military threats….
During the Congress, Hu revealed China’s policy on Taiwan, which took a relatively soft line, as symbolized by [...]

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National Police Administration, Local County Magistrate Scuffle over Promotions

Lots of fun in Taipei County….
Taipei county is one of the most politically important areas of the country, and both the KMT and the DPP have been courting it. The County was recently promoted to a higher administrative status in the ROC’s administrative system:
Taipei County was upgraded to a quasi-special municipality at the beginning of [...]

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Nelson Report on China’s 17th Party Congress

The Nelson Report, the Beltway insider report, had this to say on the recent Party Congress in China…
17th PARTY CONGRESS…think-tanks are scheduling dueling assessments of how well President Hu did, and what to think about his likely successors. Today’s effort was at the Carnegie Endowment; next Tuesday we’ll all troop next door to Brookings.
No doubt [...]

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Hu Ignored in Taiwan

Commentator Ting-i Tsai has another good piece in the Asia Times on the Hu “peace offer”
Hu’s olive branch, therefore, is consistent with Hu’s previous practices, in the minds of some observers. At a summit with Taiwan’s opposition Kuomintang on April 29, 2005, an agreement to sign a peace accord was among some of the points [...]

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Election Selection 2008

No posters allowed! Fortunately, for people who like their world cluttered with looming posters of political candidates that’s not true of the Taiwan outside the metro. Here is a small selection of posters from the upcoming elections. More to come (a selection from the previous election cycle is online here)

Ma Ying-jeou and a local candidate [...]

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Pro-China legislators Attack Radio Taiwan International

Dancers practice in the morning on a college campus.
The Taipei Times reports on a sad affair: Radio Taiwan International’s budget slashed…
The government’s Radio Taiwan International (RTI) had two-thirds of its budget blocked by pan-blue legislators at the Education and Cultural Committee meeting yesterday. Some Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers said they opposed the station’s program [...]

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Political Theatre 101: the Hsieh-Chen Split

In the comments section on the post on Robert Ross’ pro-China piece in Forbes one commenter argued, after I pointed out that Hsieh and Chen are most probably engaging in political theatre, that..
In fact Hsieh and Chen took different stances on the issue not because they deliberately cooperate: Hsieh and Chen have had that disagreement [...]

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UN for Taiwan Paraphenalia

Get this bandana….

….and this t-shirt, here with a front…

…and rear view. We bought them on Yahoo. for Taiwan T-shirt服務電話:0919159608 李小姐

Related PostsChiu Tai-San Election HQWe drove over to Fengyuan today to see the most recent Harry Potter. I have never liked any of the m…DPP Rally in TaichungYesterday I went to the [...]

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Postiion Hakka/Ethnic Studies, Chiaotung U.

Positions: Ethnic Studies Hakka Studies, Taiwan Social History, etc., RankOpen, National Chiao Tung University***********************From: H-Net Job Guide:
National Chiao Tung University - Assistant, Associate or Full Professor, Ethnic Studies
Location: TaiwanInstitution Type: College/UniversityPosition Type: Assistant, Associate or Full ProfessorSubmitted: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007———————————–Main Category: Asian History or StudiesSecondary Categories: SociologySocial and Cultural HistoryHumanitiesArea Studies/Ethnic StudiesAnthropology/Archaeology
The [...]

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