As is well known to Taiwanese performers and sports stars abroad, Chinese regularly attack Taiwanese for being, well, Taiwanese. The latest example of this mindless, belligerent nationalism occurred in Seattle….

Yeh said that Taiwanese player Liu You-chen (劉祐辰) won the bronze medal in the grand final of Project Gotham Racing 3 and displayed the Republic of China (ROC) flag during the award ceremony.

More than 10 Chinese gamers and Chinese media employees scrambled toward the stage to grab the flag, she said.

After the ceremony, Chinese players confronted the Taiwanese contestants, requesting that they surrender Liu and calling Taiwanese players “sons of bitches,” the Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper) reported.

The report said that Chinese players struck at the Taiwanese and tried to prevent them from taking their vehicle back to their hotel. Seattle police were called in to maintain order while the ministry’s representative office in Seattle sent personnel to provide assistance.

The organizer dispatched a vehicle to transport the Taiwanese players back to their hotel, the report said.

ESWN had the report from Apply Daily:

At the World Cyber Games, D2C-BURBERRYqq (aka Liu You-chen) of Taiwan finished in third place for Project Gotham Racing. At the award ceremony, Liu unfurled a Republic of China flag and was showed with invectives from the mainland Chinese contingent: “Fuck your mother!” “Was his mother a bitch dog?” “What kind of trash flag is that?” “You are not Chinese!” “Do you know that this will result us being banned from the competition!” That last statement is perplexing, but the rumor was that the mainland Chinese competitiors were told that if they could not successfully prevent the Taiwanese competitiors from showing the ROC flag, the Chinese government will ban them from further participation in international cybergame competitions.

A longer version of the Apple Daily piece is available here.