Making the Hakka treat lei cha.

Sorry about the lack of links last week! Got busy…. What’s stirring on the blogs today?

  • That’s Impossible! has the Small Party News. He also blogs on the referendum moves by the CEC to prevent the kind of bullshit the KMT pulled in the ‘04 election to keep people from voting on the referendum, and offers an analysis of Ma Ying-jeou’s position on cross strait relations: smoke and mirrors.
  • Chen Chi-li, the Bamboo Union gang leader who just died, is the object of a commentary by Taiwan Echo on the KMT’s use of gangs to carry out political assassinations.
  • The KMT’s evisceration of the defense allocation for the new missiles shows the KMT’s true allegiance, says J Michael.
  • David posts on the opening of a Taiwan YouTube.
  • Ni Howdy has the lowdown on the baseball games being hosted in Taichung and the NEW COSTCO. Yeaaaaaaaa!
  • Scott blogs on mass education in Taiwan.
  • Everyone knows that Hu Jintao’s “peace offer” was unmitigated bullshit. Like San Bei ji, for example. So where’s the media piece on that?
  • Jake rants about Asians cheating on the GRE.
  • Islaformosa discusses the decline of baseball in Taiwan.
  • J Michael strikes again with the national day parade, images and commentary.
  • The Real Taiwan, which always has live music links and news, takes a trip to salt mountain.
  • Kerim has a great post about ivory tower vs. real world.
  • ROC the Boat finds AP does a good job.
  • Elliot has a great view of Jim Mann’s The China Fantasy.
  • Talking Taiwanese on Trilingual education.
  • MEDIA: The Nation has an excellent piece on China that also provides the Establishment view of Taiwan as a Toddler. It also shows that the US Establishment just wants Taiwan to go away so it can make money and more money. A-gu points me to this wonderful piece from Brookings on Taiwan’s democracy. Democracy isn’t a problem, folks — it’s the solution. A China Brief piece from the conservative Jamestown Foundation notes that Hu may have sounded peaceful on Taiwan, but he struck another note on the miiltary.