No posters allowed! Fortunately, for people who like their world cluttered with looming posters of political candidates that’s not true of the Taiwan outside the metro. Here is a small selection of posters from the upcoming elections. More to come (a selection from the previous election cycle is online here)

Ma Ying-jeou and a local candidate look down on a Taichung street.

A protest scrawled on a wall in Dali.

A DPP candidate looks on as people drive into the wholesale market in Taichung.

A candidate watches a street in Changhua.

A DPP candidate stresses his environmental service to the community in Tanzi.

This legislator made a memorable image.

Hsieh, Su, and a local candidate face the Taichung Train Station.

Highway projects form the centerpiece of this KMT candidate’s presentation.


Love the female KMT candidate on the right.

KMT and DPP candidates duke it out above a 7-11.