TrippinTV, which hopes to build itself into a social networking and media site for Taiwan, offers a feature called BlogWatch that looks at the local blogosphere.

Tim: Its my opinion that if you spend anytime on the Internet at all, live in Taiwan (or plan to live or visit here) you’re bound to stumble upon some of the hundreds of blogs or sites like TrippinTV. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon this particular Internet jewel then you’ll have a bit of a guide to the rest of the blogs and have some idea if you should waste your time reading them or trust their meandering ramblings because after reading TrippinTV’s content you’ll have realized you’ve found a trusted resource.

I also believe where there is creative endeavor there is always an undercurrent of competition. For example I was reading a blog just yesterday about some Taiwan bloggers having a “meet-up” where members of the Taiwan “Blogosphere” were hanging out together offline in real life (gasp!…) and boozing and bbq-ing… (see The Daily Bubble Tea , The View from Taiwan and My Several Worlds … to name a few). Even among those folk apparently there was some discussion about who had the “best” blog… and to my mind… where there is a “best” it follows there should very likely also be a “worst”… and all of the levels in between. However it is admittedly a difficult thing to measure with a standardized instrument and since I’ve chosen vicious words or kind adulations as my tools I can see sometime how it might hurt a bit.

Plus I get a sick kick out of people getting all fussed about the fact that I’ve said their blog sucks… AND the Taiwan blogasphere needs some young turk to come in and stir things up.

Happy reading…