Been a while since I did links — busy on Thursdays and Fridays. Fortunately David still has links on Monday.

  • Laowiseass says voting for dissidents who got jailed may result in ex-cons with hollow ability running the nation. Pictured on his blog is Annette Lu, degree from Harvard, who is the vice president of Chen Shui-bian, probably Taiwan’s leading corporate lawyer before he went into politics.
  • Popular blogger Fili blogs on Mandarin singers he listens to. Also has a great post with links on Driving in Taiwan.
  • That’s Impossible blogs on the KMT’s attack on a talk show in which it shoots itself in the foot.
  • The Foreigner blogs on the UN for Taiwan postal fiasco. Taiwan Chronicles too with a great post.
  • Israel sells weaponry to China…which sells it to Israel’s enemies. Thanks, guys. From the Foreigner…
  • Steph on Tea for the Winter Weather.
  • On Accents from a great blog.
  • Save the Taiwan Humpback Dolphins has a guide to wind power and carbon saving.
  • Jeff’s Taiwan with a great post on the gold and copper mines in NE Taiwan.
  • That’s impossible has a great post diagramming the internationa media and Taiwan.
  • Bent with a great post on holding the DPP to a higher standard. In response to this excellent post from The Only Redhead.
  • Mark Wilbur, in response to a post I wrote, shows the fall of the Taiwan dollar. Read the comments carefully.
  • Pinyin News on how the Taipei City gov’t is screwing the English language.
  • Andrew C goes to Alishan
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    PICS: Kerim has beautiful shots from a recent visit to India.
    MEDIA: Gregory Clark, the former Aussie diplomat who is the Michelle Malkin of China commentators, has a new gem out:

    The Han Chinese are supposed to be guilty of creeping genocide in Tibet. But since Beijing allows Tibetans, like other minorities, to have as many children as they want while Han Chinese are restricted to only one child, it seems we need a new definition of genocide.

    There’s more of that, including the disasters that would ensure if China were a democracy….hard to imagine that people think that in the real world.