Plenty of stuff streaming by on the blogs….

  • Ni Howdy has the scheduled for the baseball world cup in Taichung.
  • nostalgiaphile talks about what’s really on Ma Ho-ling’s urn.
  • Anarchy in Taiwan talks about disappointing real doll fantasies.
  • David has a pointer to great pictures of old Taiwan rail and trains.
  • Fili blogs on the strange and weird in Tainan.
  • Jeff has a great post on indigo.
  • Laowiseass talks about government-funded media trips in Taiwan.
  • Did you know that ICRT has a show taking oral histories from long term foreigners? Jon does.
  • Yes, the ministry is pushing an expansion of the “monumentally misguided” Tongyong Pinyin.
  • ROC the Boat on Taiwan-US Free Trade.
  • Scott notes that King Car is building another English village in Taiwan.
  • Joshua notes that US security systems are so maligned that they set their automated response for an apology.
  • Sponge Bear walks the Green Bikeway.
  • Robert on Unification and the alleged benefits.
  • PICS: As always, Craig Ferguson Images has great ones. Formosa Birding too…
    MUSIC: Podcasting at Getting a Leg Up
    MEDIA: Taiwan beer to move into US and Canadian markets. Taiwan to overtake US as number 2 maker of semiconductors. It’s a good thing King George has invested all that government money in killing about a million people in Iraq, instead of wasting it on economic programs, infrastructure, and health care.