From the Home page of the Reporters without Borders, referring to the 2008 China Olympics.

Jerome Keating sends around the latest skinny on the upcoming Shannon Meet Up: UPDATE: This is now confirmed for Sunday, the 9th. The Shannon is next to Dan Ryan’s on Tunhua N. Rd, across from the concert venue.


To all,

I am planning our December meeting for Sunday, December 9th in the morning.

Our speaker for the month will be Steve Yates, who has worked with Heritage Foundation and spent five years in the Whitehouse under Dick Cheney. (No he never went hunting with Cheney.)

Steve is an affable, straightforward person who will be in town for a Straits Exchange Conference on Saturday the 8th.

I see three immediate areas of interest.

–Some may want to know how things operate in a conservative foundation like Heritage.
–Others may want to know about goings on in the White House.Or being inside the Beltway.
–Others may want to know about what was said at the StraitsExchange Conference.

Steve is a Giuliani man and probably will be working on his campaign if he is nominated. He can down a beer with the best of them. He was in the group that I travelled with for two weeks in Europe; he was great company and is a staunch supporter of Taiwan.

I have still to get confirmation from Shannon’s about having the meeting on Sunday instead of Saturday; I will let you know shortly.