Another fun weekend in Taipei…..

Took the family up to Taipei on the HSR on Saturday.

The kids were really psyched.

Business class still has a seat or two left.

One great thing about the HSR is that it doesn’t track the highway and thus, goes through some wonderful rustic scenery on the way up to Taipei. I’d have taken many beautiful pictures, but window washing on the HSR leaves a lot to be desired.

I met Michael Fahey and his wonderful girlfriend in front of Sogo.

Taking a rest on a warm Saturday afternoon in Taipei.

Just behind Sogo is a neighborhood packed with little eateries and boutiques.

Beats the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleberg.

Wherever you are, there’s a vendor.

Michael and I bopped over to the global warming protest at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

At the protest, we met Vice President Annette Lu….

….and David Reid of David on Formosa.

I caught these protesters directing raised pinkies at Annette Lu. Moments after I took this shot, they were surrounded by cameramen. What do raised pinkies mean?

One tiny part of the anti-global warming coalition was the sex workers association.

Are you foreign and at a protest? You will be photographed. So I photo’d back.

Robin Winkler, right, and a key legislator in the TSU, left.

A protester shows me her sign.

Taipei 101 looks down on global warming protesters.

Those of you that know this cold noodle chain, here is the original store, in Taipei right next to the Chungcheng Bridge into Yungho. In the back there is a little museum that shows off the owner’s brother’s skill at painting and carving

Beers in hand, we strolled over to the park to enjoy sunset on the Tamshui River between Yungho and Taipei.

The bike paths stretch from Taipei to the sea.

Plenty of people down by the river planting and harvesting….

…and fishing too.

Michael at his most photogenic.

Idyllic at present, the park was a killing ground during the Japanese and early KMT period.

And so it was home again, the train whisking us back to sunny Taichung…