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Daily Links, Feb 1, 2008

What’s visible on the blogs today?
Travels in Taiwan, a great blog with wonderful pics, has the skinny on the Great Gorge in Chiayi.

Prince Roy on the China blog world.

Does this pic indicate permission to fart? Taken on a Shihlin Night Market street.

This investor guide says Taiwan’s economy kicks ass.

ROC the Boat offers some acerbic commentary [...]

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Adm Keating and US China diplomacy

The Nelson Report offers this latest on Pacific Command Admiral Keating, on his recent China trip. Some very interesting points here:
PACOM Adm. Keating at The Army & Navy Club in Washington today, reporting on his latest trip to China.
For better or for worse, most of the non-N. Korea, and non-Taiwan “diplomacy” with China seems to [...]

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Other Nations’ Independence and Taiwan

This week the media brings us two tales of independence that are Taiwan-connected, one from India, one from Kosovo. A reader alerted me to this piece in the International Herald Tribune on the issues that independence for Kosovo creates for China. To wit:
Kosovo may be geographically removed from East Asia but what happens there could [...]

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The King of Formosa

The 18th and 19th centuries produced a flood of uniquely gifted and adventurous individuals, like Alexander von Humboldt, Jean-Francois de La Perouse, Richard Burton, and James Cook. One of the lesser known but still fascinating fruits of this amazing crop was Maurice Benovsky, the self-styled King of Formosa.
Benovsky was born in Vrbova, Hungary (now Slovakia) [...]

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Psst — Wanna buy some garlic?

For most of the last two decades Taiwan has imported garlic, unable to service its own demand for that ubiquitous ingredient. From time to time it surfaces in the news, in moments like this:
The businessmen bought the garlic at one yuan (20 US cents) per kilogram in China, and shipped them to Taiwan via North [...]

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How Much Would the DPP Have Needed? One last look at the numbers..

I was riding home last night after Chaon & Co. creamed my son and I in Axis and Allies, and got to thinking about the legislative election again (imagine that, if you can!). This time I decided to figure out how many votes the DPP would have needed to make a substantial increase in the [...]

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Japanese Papers on China-Taiwan military balance

One important trend of the last few years has been a halting but on the whole steady shift in Japan’s attitudes toward Taiwan, with at least some Japanese politicians and analysts arguing that Taiwan is important to Japan’s security and that the Japanese really ought to defend it. The Daily Yomiuri offers a couple of [...]

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More Election Analysis & Responses

Analysis of the election continues apace, with more from the Blogosphere, this time from the Only Redhead. I’m tired of arguing with people that I know and love, like Robert, but the fact is that lots and lots of commentators out there fondly imagine that if the DPP had only come up with the right [...]

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Malawian scams the scammers

A reader sent me this article from the Taipei Times with the delightful tale of a Malawian government official who allegedly pocketed the cash from China:
A Malawian official who played a key role in the government’s decision to switch diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China has fled the country after pocketing the million-dollar “sweetener” Beijing [...]

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RAND on China’s Pearl Harbor Strategy

My thanks to a commenter who provided links to a recent RAND study of a hypothetical US-China conflict over Taiwan. The Air Force Times has a summary:
The democratic Republic of China, commonly called Taiwan — which America backs and the communist People’s Republic of China considers part of its territory — frequently irritates Chinese leaders [...]

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Bruce Jacobs’ Open Letter to Hsieh and Ma

This morning Apple Daily published an open letter from respected Taiwan scholar Bruce Jacobs, directed at the two presidential candidates.
An Open Letter to Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou(給謝長廷和馬英九一封公開信)
By Bruce Jacobs (家博)
Over eighty per cent of the residents of Taiwan (台灣住民) want this country (本國)to be a member of the United Nations. As [...]

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China Investment Policies — Meeting in the Middle

Forbes came out with a couple of articles that highlight how close the DPP and KMT policies are on China investments. First, there was a very short article on Frank Hsieh, now Chairman of the DPP, who said:
The government should ease regulations on China investments as soon as possible, subject to national security considerations, the [...]

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More on China’s Air Defense Zone

The China Brief from the conservative Jamestown Foundation has the latest on China’s provocative moves in the Taiwan Strait:
According to Dr. Joseph Wu—Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the United States—in early December, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) issued a press release stating that the Central Military Commission and the State Council [...]

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One Last Election Analysis

This came with the latest Nelson Report: Shelly Rigger’s observations on the recent LY election, mine in brackets.
A few quick observations in response to Kirk and Hans. There’s no question that the new system really hurt the DPP [...]

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Some Announcements of Tax Changes and Grad Programs

Michael Fahey over at Winkler Partners notifies of new tax preferences for foreigners.
On January 8th, Taiwan’s Council for Economic Planning and Development announced new tax preferences for foreign professionals in Taiwan. Employers of eligible foreign professionals will be able to declare non-salary payments and reimbursements to foreign professionals as operating expenses. Examples of expenses include [...]

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