President Chen Shui-bian is interviewed in the Chicago Tribune by long-time Taiwan scholar Dennis Hickey. An excerpt:

Q Why wouldn’t a return to the “one-China principle” lead to peace with China?

A Past presidents of Taiwan supported the idea of eventual unification with China. Did this lead to peace? In the 1950s, [Chinese leaders] threatened to “wash Taiwan with blood.” In the 1990s, they fired missiles at Taiwan. China’s threats and diplomatic oppression of Taiwan did not stop because the KMT accepted the one-China principle and the goal of ultimate unification.

Q Taiwan’s opposition Chinese Nationalist Party, known as the KMT, is reaching out to the Chinese Communist Party, and leaders of the two parties have met. Any comment?

A This is just part of China’s “united front” tactics and divide-and-conquer strategy. The KMT has not learned any lessons from the past. When they are of no use or value anymore, the CCP will throw them away like rubbish.

So true….