Profuse apologies for not getting out my links recently. Been busy, and sick…

  • Pinyin News blogs on mandarin borrow ing English grammatical forms.
  • Wild at Heart blogs on a proposed tree-planting plan.
  • bent wonders…where do the candidates stand on Taiwan?
  • The Only Redhead, focuses on the growing importance of the present in the DPP’s campaign.
  • Todd examines Historical Sites in Taipei Vol 1 and 2
  • Jerome examines a number of KMT myths, like the KMT created the Taiwan Miracle.
  • Taoyuan Nights blogs on Exchange Traded Funds.
  • Talking Taiwanese on exposing Taiwan’s language education in Europe.
  • MEDIA: The conservative Jamestown Foundation asks whether China has plans for three carrier battle groups. Enjoy this editorial from the China Post Staff (”China Post Staff” is often signal of translation from a Chinese language source) on why support for Hsieh has fallen to only 12%, a record low. Taiwan enjoys record exports in 2007, moving one place ahead of South Korea in per capita export rankings.