What’s under construction on the blogs today?

  • That’s Impossible has some outstanding posts on the recent election, redistricting, plans to redraw the map of Taiwan, as well as one on KMT Veep Candidate Vincent Siew praising Singapore….
  • Fox News video reports on the confrontation between Kitty Hawk and a Chinese sub and destroyer. Those idiots believe that Iranian gunboats really did threaten the US Navy. LOL. However, the US Navy says this incident never happened.
  • Bent reports on a KMT supporter who suddenly got buyer’s remorse.
  • Todd visits local cultural sites for more great pics.
  • The Only Redhead asks if the US encourages China’s militarization of space.
  • Kerim has a nifty piece on the problems of Taiwan copying the Japanese legislative election model in parallel voting.
  • Talking Taiwanese blogs on UNESCO’s year of language and Taiwan’s language policies.
  • J Michael Cole reviews Taiwan’s Security by Bernard Cole.
  • EVENTS: Those of you in South Africa might want to check out this lecture on the Chinese economy by Arthur Kroeber there on Jan 30.

    MEDIA: HSR impacts Taiwan’s local airports. CEPD to rejuvenate the island’s older industrial districts — perhaps because more Taiwan firms are coming back to the island from China? Kosovo: the Balkan Taiwan? Stephen Yates criticizes the Bush Administration’s overreactions to the referendum. Hey, no shit, been saying that here for months now.