The pro-Green Liberty Times (Chinese) has been reporting on how the legislative election referendum is being beaten: at the local level.

Each neighborhood or precinct has a captain who is the local chief administrator, the li chang or the lin chang. The hierarchical administration of Taiwan society begins with them — they handle neighborhood affairs, such as getting potholes or streetlights fixed. They are sensitive ears and eyes of the government in the neighborhoods. They are also about 90% KMT.

During election it is their job to distribute voter notification slips, which they have to present so they can vote. According to the law these notifications must be placed in voter hands, not left in mailboxes. In this election they are supposed to give one for the legislative election and one for the referendum. According to the Liberty Times report, in many districts voters are reporting that KMT precinct and neighborhood captains are simply refusing to distribute the referendum notification, without which voters cannot obtain a referendum ballot — and thus can’t vote for the referendum.

UPDATE: In the comments below people say you can still vote for the referendum without the notice, the idea is to make you think you can’t vote for it. As STOP_MA points out, and we’ve noted before, the whole idea of two-ballot voting is to enable local KMT machines to know who votes DPP. It’s basically undemocratic.