The international media frequently report that KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou is the ‘frontrunner’ with a huge lead in all the polls — though they never report that “the polls” are actually polls from pro-Blue papers. Today ESWN posted a poll that is very indicative of how stupid the pro-Blue polling is here. ESWN writes:

[Permalink] Taiwan By The Numbers (01/01/2008) (UDN, CDNews, HanReporter) (Common Weath magazine; 1,090 persons age 18 or over interviewed by telephone from December 19 to 23)

Q. If the presidential election were held tomorrow, whom would you vote for?
46.2%: Ma Ying-jeou
12.4%: Frank Hsieh
22.6%: Undecided
12.0%: Will not vote
1.5%: Will cast null ballot
5.3%: Don’t know/refused to answer

In 2000, the total pro-Blue vote was 61% to Chen’s 39%. In 2004 the two sides split evenly at 50%. Yet this poll has Ma with nearly a fourfold dominance over Hsieh among declared voters — even if all the 22% undecided broke for Hsieh, Ma would still win by a huge margin — like the margin that Frank Hsieh was defeated at in the pro-Blue stronghold of Taipei, 55-40 — yet the rest of the nation is not a pro-Blue stronghold! Clearly this poll makes no sense at all in light of previous election numbers or known voter behavior. Its purpose, like that of similarly nutcase pro-Blue polls, is to influence, not inform, international discourse on the elections.