Jerome Keating sends the word:


To all,

Our January meeting will be on Saturday January 12 at Shannon’s as usual. [That's 10:00 AM the Shannon on Tun Hua N Rd across from the concert venue, next to Dan Ryan's -- MT]

The speaker is Natalie Tso, Program Host and Reporter English Service for Radio Taiwan International.

Radio Taiwan International at one time in the past was the Voice of Free China, but like most things has adapted to the changing times.

The website is You can check it out for history and also FAQ

Natalie will talk about goals and new directions of RTI and probably give a little of the history of the station. It currently employs about 400 people.

Natalie said that they will be opening a new web program for foreigners and will be looking for input from everyone; this may be a chance to put your two cents in.

Also I noticed in the paper that RTI is advertising a position for someone in the area of webcasting; those looking to get in on such may want to come to find out more.

On a different note, I had noticed that the Taipei Times had been advertising for a sports writer; I know a number out there like to write and if you like sports it could be a new career area; Chinese language was not essential.

Hope the Year of the Rat will be good for all of us. In February we will not have a monthly meeting since New Years falls early in the month and people will be going in different directions.



Speaking of jobs, a friend in Hong Kong says City University there is looking for English teachers.

UPDATE: I’ve just heard that the budget cuts to RTI’s budget went through, so it is likely that none of these new jobs will be possible. The website is also being shut down due to the same funding cuts, although what is already there will remain online.