My friend Clyde, an Asian marketing expert here at Chunghsing University, has put together a new podcast called Talk of Asian Marketing. Here’s what he says….

A few researchers in Taiwan and I have put together a podcast/videocast that emphasizes the local aspects of marketing in Chinese culturally influenced markets, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The site is a teaching resource that organizes local business research in one place, but more importantly, supplies a location where the local emphasis can gain more visibility for marketing researchers and practitioners. The site is located at and the podcast is called Talk of Asian Marketing.

The site has video covering the Costco Taichung opening, lots of photos and video of local marketing issues, research reports and presentations, and marketing related book reviews.

Clyde, who publishes in top journals in a couple of fields, is one of the most knowledgeable and perceptive commentators on local consumer and cultural behavior that I know. He is also a close personal friend, and someone I admire very much. I’m delighted that he’s taken this opportunity to share his knowledge with the online world. Take a moment to listen; you won’t be disappointed.